A Unique Reflection of You.

In today’s cookie-cutter new house market, it’s important that your home reflects your unique style. We build new homes that are like no others –a true one of a kind art project that you get to live in. We pour our passion for historic architecture into every one of our new homes and design them to be green and efficient without sacrificing style and comfort.


We Build an Old House New

The Portland and Vancouver metro markets are filled with houses from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s that were originally designed with an eye on aesthetic and clean lines. We renovate these older homes with a renewed focus on cleaner lines, bringing in more light and creating space. This works to create an artistic aesthetic that is beautiful and open.
Modern Home Design & Build

John Taylor | Modern Home Design & BuildABOUT JOHN TAYLOR

I developed my passion for architecture and construction in my early 20’s after flipping my first home in northern California.

Since that moment, I’ve been aggressively pushing the limits of design and art. I bring a holistic approach to my projects, working on all aspects of each, from design and engineering to construction and staging.

I’ve been known not only to create dwellings with purpose, but also as a builder who has painted/sculpted art work for spaces within the homes I build. By limiting the amount of projects I take on each year, I’m able to maintain the highest level of involvement with each one.

Working with me, the creative process doesn’t stop once the plans are drawn or the foundation is poured. It continues throughout every aspect of the project until your life begins there.


John Taylor | Modern Home Design & Build



Modern Home Design & Build creates works of art you get to live in.
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